Design and Development There are many options you will have in the design and development of your web site, such as the layout of pages, graphics, titles, menus and text. Douglas Consulting Group can play as active a role as you would like in this development. Whether you already know how you want your web site to look, or would like our assistance in developing a creative site, we'll ensure that you have an effective site that will meet your needs as well as the needs of your customers.
Graphics We use graphical designs which will effectively reflect your company's image and get the attention your site needs. We can digitize your company's artwork/photos, or create custom graphics for your web site. We can also create animated graphics!
ISP Hosting We will either post your web site files in our internet database, or we will work with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to post your pages with them. Either way you prefer, we'll get you on the web quick!
Text and Background There are limitless choices of background styles, colors, fonts and text that can be included on your web site. Additionally, we can either use text that you provide or create the text for you.
Tables We can create various types of tables, with or without borders, for you to display information. Borders around cells of a table can be as thick as you like. Tables without borders are often used as a form of formatting and controlling text on a web page. As an example, this page is is set up as a table with no borders.
Forms We can create custom forms which will allow your customers to fill in specific information for contacts, surveys, product ordering, etc.
Sound Sound can be added to your site for that multimedia effect.
Site maintenance Once your web site is established on the internet, we can help you maintain the information on your site, whether your information changes annually, monthly or daily. We will also verify any links in your site for validity.
Posting to search engines We will post your web site to various search engines on the internet so your customers will be able to you fast.
Maps You may wish to consider including a map on your web site and directions to your place of business.

Ask us how we can have your business on the web in less than 24 hours!